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When you discover more of who you are, it can change everything for the better. Think of five people in your life who would love the chance to learn their strengths and discover new ways to appreciate themselves and succeed.Purchase up to five CliftonStrengths 34 assessments at 34% off using the discount code GIFT34. All five codes must be purchased in the same checkout, as you can only use the code for one checkout.
Micah J. Hodges, Success Coach, George Mason University, shares:
Headshot of Micah “I was first introduced to CliftonStrengths in my last semester of undergrad back in 2016 and found out my top five CliftonStrengths. Then in 2018, I came back for grad school and had the opportunity to learn more about them through my assistantship in student leadership. Since then, it has been a continuous journey of learning and discovery! Learning my strengths has changed my life because I know how I operate and can apply my talents. Belief is No. 5 for me, and I recognize that I had not been using it as much. A few weeks back, I clarified my core values and now strive to live by them daily!”
*USE CODE GIFT34 BEFORE DEC. 9, 11:59 P.M. CDT, ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. May not be combined with other offers or promotions. You may check out with other items in your cart.

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